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  1. All Animals Guide

All Animals Guide

  • Intro (Dog+Cow)
  • Milk your cow until you have 33-35 “A” quality milk, then sell the cow, and buy the pond. (Save the 2 “B” quality for drinking.)
  • Sleep until summer 1, sell 32 “A” quality milk. Sleep until the next day, and be awake when the hour changes, on the hours 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Takakura will bring the horse. Let it out after the cutscene. (Horse)
  • Sleep until Chapter 2. Drink the 2 “B” quality bottles of milk, and 1-2 “A” quality.
  • Right after the cutscene, go outside and call your horse. Ride to Grant’s house, and he’ll give you the alarm clock. Turn it on, and sleep until spring 8. Get the money from the milk and cow, and get out the watering can and sickle. Go sell them to Van, along with the milker. Try to buy the Goat, but ask for a discount until he offers 2,000 G for it. If you buy it for any more than 2,000 G, the run is over. (Goat)
  • Sleep until the ducks arrive. (Default text boxes.) Then sell 1, buy a chicken, and sleep until it arrives. Buy a sheep, sleep until you get it. And buy a bull, sleep until you get it. (Duck+Chicken+Sheep+Cow)
  • Sleep until Romona brings you a cat. (Default text box.) (Cat)
  • Timing ends once the screen fades to black after obtaining the final of the 8 animals. (1 of each.)